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Discover the Ancient Secret to Beauty with Living Gold.

The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was renowned for her surpassing beauty and charm which captured the hearts of the most powerful men in ancient Rome. She continues to inspire us today as we rediscover her secrets to ageless beauty.

Queen Cleopatra relied chiefly on the healing powers of gold. She saw that gold could enliven, rejuvenate, and correct imbalances in the human body. In particular, the ancient Egyptians developed a process to harvest “Living Gold”, the world’s rarest and most precious gold.

A story is told of how the Egyptians discovered Living Gold. Legend has it that some Egyptian workers found a mermaid entangled in a net by the Nile River. She mesmerised them with her youthful exuberance and flawless, glowing skin. They were surprised to find out she was actually hundreds of years old! The workers cut the net and set her free, for how could they hurt such an innocent and beautiful creature? In gratitude, the mermaid revealed to the workers the secret of her beauty – Living Gold. The workers told of their encounter with the mermaid, and eventually, it reached the ears of Queen Cleopatra. She rewarded them richly for their kindness to the mermaid, and for unselfishly sharing the secret of Living Gold.

Gold has been coveted by many civilisations throughout history. Valued not just as a currency or adornment, gold was also highly revered for its recognised restorative properties to the human body. Modern medical science is rediscovering the benefits of gold, and it is used today in the targeted treatment of diseases, and in surgical procedures.

In skincare, NEBU Living Gold goes beyond the colloidal gold used in conventional brands. Living Gold goes through a proprietary growing process that metabolises pure gold with a bio-carrier. It comes complete with peptides and other organic co-factors that ensure significantly greater absorption, retention, and health benefits. Our process and insights are validated by Nobel winning research in 1999 and 2013.

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