Alluring Splendour. Renewed.

The circular motion of organic living gold, combined with rose essence and olive oil extract, intensifies the treatment of the eye areas to remove wrinkle lines and give a brighter complexion. Infusion into the ocular muscles will prevent the growth of whiteheads.

Anti-aging agents Fucogel and hydrolysed collagen will firm, smoothen and moisturize the skin while hydrating its layers. Skin moisture is further enhanced with shea butter, pentavitin and imperata cylindrica root extract. Macadamia oil with its anti-inflammatory function helps to restore skin barriers. Retinol will stimulate the production of new skin cells while fading away spots, scars and signs of photo-aging such as lines and wrinkles. The skin brightens with the anti-oxidizing glutathione.

How To Use

Release a grain-size of the cream on your ring and middle fingers. Apply from the inner corner of eye along the upper and lower eyelids, moving gradually to the end of the eye and then to the temple. Finally, make a circular motion around the eye.