Immaculate Purity. Refreshed.

Enriched with organic living gold, this cleanser will remove traces of tiredness from the skin pores. The rose essence restores the skin’s acidity and collagen. As a result, the skin whitens, and the pores disappear, leaving the sebum undamaged. The ideal cleanser to thoroughly cleanse and yet not damage the skin.

Extracts from fruits such as orange and lemon, coupled with plant extracts like sugar cane, stimulate the skin cell renewal process while giving the skin a natural source of AHAs. Skin texture improves with the anti-oxidizing saccharomyces cerevisiae extract. The skin will be firmer and smoother with hydrolysed collagen which also helps in moisturizing preventing aging signs.

How To Use

Wet the skin. Apply an appropriate amount and gently massage on the face. Rinse with water and wipe clean with towel.