Supreme Elegance. Protected.

The organic living gold and rose essence in this soft day lotion will bring back the skin’s elasticity as it penetrates the skin in a circular motion. It also balances the positive and negative effects of sun rays, and strengthens the calcium and anti-oxidizes. No more worries about the non-porousness of sunscreen creams.

Anti-aging agents Fucogel and hydrolysed collagen firms, smoothens, moisturizes and rehydrates the skin layers. Lines and wrinkles are reduced with hydrolysed elastin while pentavitin gives additional moistuse to the skin. UV protection is enhanced with Tioveil Fin 50. Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract, a skin conditioning agent, visibly improves the skin while minimizing water loss.

How To Use

Apply extensively from the centre of face, and upwards from the neck. Thereafter, apply downwards towards the collar bone on both sides.